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How to sell vectors on Alamy

How to sell vectors on Alamy

Why Alamy is the best place to sell your stock vectors

  1. Good percentage and a non-exclusive contract
    We offer you a better deal than most other agencies,?if your images are Exclusive with?us you will receive 50% of all direct sales.?Image not Exclusive to Alamy?will receive 40% of all direct sales (the industry average is 30% to the contributor). We’re really easy to work with, we’re non-exclusive and we don’t tie you into a long-term contract.
  1. You can send us anything and it’s quick and easy to upload
    Our customers love the encyclopaedic nature of our collection – we’ve got a bigger, broader, more unique collection than any other library so we want everything you’ve got. Using our FTP upload route, it’s really quick and easy to upload; you can get your stock vectors on sale in less than 24 hours.
  1. We’ve got dedicated sales teams around the world
    We have dedicated sales teams in key markets (US, UK, Germany, Australia) and a large network of partners who distribute your images in most other countries and regions.